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We would love to walk with you on your personal journey of healing and growth. Our hope is that you will feel deeply heard, understood, and cared for from the first session. We desire to facilitate a process that will bring about a significant reduction in the painful or unpleasant feelings that you carry.

Jennifer cares deeply about the wellbeing of every client, and takes a very thorough and holistic approach. This includes exploring the many different facets of your experience, such as your relationships, your family history, your thoughts and emotions, your spirituality or sense of meaning, and even what is going on physically in your body. You are a unique and complex individual, and your healing journey needs to be tailor made to you.

Therapy for:

* Anxiety, Depression, or Stress

* Trauma: including past abuse, neglect, assault, or bullying

* Relationship Difficulties

* Chronic Pain

* Transition, Identity, and Personal Growth


Additional specialization in working with trauma and anxiety

Online Option: Online counselling via video skype is available for those who are unable to make it to the office in Abbotsford, or are looking for a more flexible or affordable option

Thank you so very much Jennifer for all you have done. You are amazing at what you do. My (teenage) daughter seems to be doing really well. She is handling everyday stresses on her own and in a healthy manner. You have given her some great tools which she uses and seems to have helped. She absolutely adored you right from the start and said she felt that you actually cared. That is huge for someone who is so vulnerable. Honestly it is so wonderful to see her so happy and carefree again.

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Jennifer is based in Abbotsford, BC.
Skype appointments also available.